Creating a Gallery

1.     Log in to the Website

2.     Click on “My Account on the main toolbar

3 .   Click on “My Galleries

4.    Click on “Add New Gallery

5.  A new box appears with several options

    - Category - select “uncategorized” from the dropdown list
    - Title - give your Gallery a name like “John Smith’s Gallery”
    -  Gallery Visibility  (I would suggest either Public or Club.)
            - Private - no one will be able to see the Gallery except you.  What's the fun in that
            - Club Access - members must be signed in to view the gallery.
            -  Public Access - members do not need to be signed in to view.
           -  Allow other members to submit images to this Gallery. Do not check!
    - Description - you do not need to enter anything here but can if you want to.
    - Information Link - if you want to link to a personal website, you can enter the link here. Enter as
   - Transitions  - select an option from the drop down box
    - Options - select the information you want displayed in the Gallery.  Some options are pre-checked so you might go with those options to start.

6.  Click on “Update Gallery Options” to save

7.  Once your gallery has been approved by an administrator, you will be able to add your images.  See  “Adding Images to Your Gallery

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