Adding Images to Scavenger Hunt Gallery



1.    Log in to the Website

2.    Click on “My Account

3.    Click on “My Galleries

4.    Check "Show all organization Galleries"

5.    Find the Holiday Scaveneger Hunt Gallery and click on Edit and Upload Images

6   Select Upload Images into this Gallery
    -  Click on “Select” – this will open the file explorer on your computer
    -  Click on one or more images you want to upload to your gallery
    -  The file(s) will then be listed and a green dot will appear when uploaded.                  

7. Click on “Save Images and Proceed to Edit Page” at the bottom of the page     

    -  Information Box
            -  Title – Edit the title otherwise the default is the file name.       
            -  Allow Public Display – leave this checked
            -  Authors Image ID – not required

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