The Gateway Camera Club (GCC) is made up of beginner, intermediate, and advanced amateur photographers. There is no restriction on who may join the club. While we do have monthly competitions in digital format, we are a friendly club that strives to learn new techniques, share knowledge with all members, and practice the art of photography with enthusiasm. GCC is a non-profit organization. We hold meetings starting at 7:30 PM on the first through fourth Tuesday of each month, from September through mid June (with meetings only the first 2 Tuesday of the months of December and June). Currently, GCC meets in the "St. Andrews Church", 3 Maple Street, Framingham, MA. Guests are always welcome!

The Gateway Camera Club was founded in 1962 by a professional photographer by the name of Art Jacques. Over the years, Gateway has seen its share of transformations. Gateway has gone from being a club made up entirely of slide photographers and print makers to a club that is made up entirely of digital photographers. Gateway Camera Club has been at the forefront of digital photography, being the first club in the area to devote one meeting per month to the education of digital photography and post processing.

What does membership involve?

Our annual dues are $70 for individuals, $120 for family members/couples in the same household and $40 for students. For anyone joining after February 1st, the dues are reduced for that year to $40 per individual and $60 per family. It is a club run by the members for the members so all members/attendees are encouraged to participate in tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. There is a sign-up for bringing snacks to meetings. All members are also encouraged to assist in setting up before and sweeping/clean-up after meetings. The sign-ups are online. Participation in teams is encouraged, but not required.


What is our program?

We usually have a fixed theme for each successive Tuesday through the month. The Tuesdays rotate between Education nights, Competition nights, Image Study nights, and Program nights (noted photographers talk about their work, we have “hands-on” shooting set ups or slide shows of member work). The rules and how-to’s of Competition and Image Study nights are described in detail later in this document.

Field Trips

Another great opportunity to socialize will be the many field trips and hands-on photo opportunities we will have this season.

Mini Shows

Every year, Gateway Camera Club has Member Mini Show night. This allows our members to showcase their work to fellow members.  Shows are 5 minutes long, which is enough time to show 75 images. Many members use Pro Show Gold software to put their shows together with music and text, but there are many programs with slideshow capability. 


Competitions are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month (except December and June) and are for digital photographs in the following categories: Open, Creative, and Nature. The Open category can be on any subject. The Nature category is described under Nature Rules. The Creative category was created to get photographers to experiment with different computer techniques to transform the original photograph into a highly stylized and individualized work. It is intended to encourage and reward members for developing their post processing skills.  Check out the rules for the various categories under the Digital Rules section of the website.


Terms/Names/Acronyms you may hear:

NECCC: New England Camera Club Council – the organization that all camera clubs in New England belong to. The NECCC runs the largest photo conference in the country in July at the University of Mass.

PSA:  The Photographic Society of America (PSA) is a worldwide organization for anyone with an interest in photography. Founded in 1934, the Society is for casual shutterbugs, serious amateurs, and professional photographers.

The Click: The name of the Gateway Camera Club’s monthly newsletter.

Jean Burke Award: An annual award that is given to the member who has best exemplified the qualities of encouraging, giving, and sharing that made Jean such a valued member of the club.

Willa Schmidt Award: An annual award bestowed upon the member who has the highest cumulative score in the Creative Competition category for the past year. Willa Schmidt was a long time Gateway member, who taught, encouraged, and excelled at creative photography.


Award Willa Schmidt (Creative) Jean Burke (Service) Peter Hrul
(Most Improved)
President's Award
Phyllis Wiseman

Richard Van Inwagen

Alan Kidawski
Richard Van Inwagen
Bob Kilgore

2012-2013 Maggie Hsu Andrea Gardner

2013-2014 Jim Brady Buz Bragdon

2014-2015 Stephen Rostler Alan Kidawski

2015-2016 Charlene Gaboriault Sharon Colacino
Bennett Green
2016-2017 Frank Forward Charlene Gaboriault

2017-2018 Nanda Hrul Terry Anderson

2018-2019 Martin Moser Raj Das Lia Vito
2019-2020 Nanda Hrul Frank Schimmoller Frank Schimmoller Peter Agnes
Nanda Hrul
Paul Smith
Tina Dobberpuhl
Charlene Gaboriault
Nanda Hrul
Mike Leis
Marian Kelly
Greg DeBor
Nanda Hrul
Joni Rich
Deb Valle
Buz Bragdon
Tina Dobberpuhl
Greg Debor
Elizabeth Evans
Charlene Gaboriault




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