Managing Images in a Gallery


Removing Images

1.    Click on “My Account” on the main toolbar

2.    Click on “My Galleries

3.    Select “Show only My Galleries

4.    Click on the small arrow to the left of “Member Galleries

5.    Click on “Edit Images in Gallery” for the gallery you are removing images from

6.    Click on “X” in the top right of any image box to delete the image from the gallery


Changing the order of images

1.    Click and hold on the blue title bar of an image

2.    Your cursor changes to a “4 point” cursor

3.    Drag the image to where you would like it to be


Adding additional images

1.    You can also add additional images at this time

2.   See the “Adding Images to Your Gallery”  document


When you are done resorting/deleting, click on “Save updates to image order

Click on “Return to Gallery List” to finish

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