Submitting Images for Competition

  • 1.  Log on with your username and password.

    2.  Select "Competitions" from the main menu.

    3.  Select "Submit Images to a Competition.

    4.  Click on the "Select" button for the competition date and category you wish to enter.

    5.  Image Size: Your competition entry must be sized to a width not to exceed 1400 pixels AND a height not to exceed 1050 pixels.  Note Horizontal (landscape) images may be 1400 wide x 1050 tall; Vertical Images may be something like 700 wide x 1050 tall or square images may be 1050 wide x1050 tall.
    Even though the instructions indicate your image will be re-sized, we suggest you resize to proper dimensions before submission.

    6.  Click on the "Upload Images into the Competition" button at the bottom of the screen.
    7.  On the next screen, click on "Select" button to select an image from your computer to upload.

    8.  As soon as you see the green dot next to your image, click “Save Images and Proceed to Edit Page”

    9.  On the next screen, you can change the title name of your image.
    -  Titles must not contain any of the characters ~ \ / : " ? | < >
    -  Do not leave ".jpg" at the end of the title, as this is a part of the file name and not the title

    10. Verify that all the information is correct.
      - No need to check “Genuine Wildlife
      - Make sure the box “Allow Public Display” is checked
      - No need to enter anything in the “Author’s Image Id:” box
      - Do not check either the “Delete” or the “Skip” box on the right hand side of the screen
      - You do not need to enter anything in the Sequence boxes

    11. Click on “Save any changes and return to the original page” to upload the image for competition.

    12.  You will see a confirmation screen “Images you entered into this Competition

    13.  Click on “Return to Competition List

    14.  You need to repeat the above steps for each category that you wish to submit images for.  If the category allows more than one image, repeat the steps to submit the second image.

    15.  A simple check to see if you have submitted all your images!  Just try to submit another image.  If you've reached the maximum for the month, the website will indicate you've reached the maximum in the category and for that month.

    For Print Copy or for Instructions with Pictures, click here

    Complete Digital Rules are here

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