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Our goals are to share ideas, knowledge, and insight; to help improve the skills and abilities of our members; and to have some fun while enjoying photography. We recognize photography is changing, growing and with ever-emerging technologies, more exciting than ever!  Gateway was one of the first local camera clubs to embrace digital photography and, as a result, we have some very knowledgeable digital photographers. Many award-winning members of Gateway Camera Club honed their talents and abilities through the mentoring they found at Gateway.

Our club is very active and we meet on most Tuesdays from September to June 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Want to compete, learn and share? Check out our exciting schedule. Visitors and new members are always welcome. Just stop in and introduce yourself. We hope you'll soon find an aspect of Gateway that fits your interests. Please browse our website, learn more about what we do, and enjoy. And remember, enthusiasm is catchy. Come and catch some!  

The slideshow to the right are images from our  February 2024 Competition


Interested in seeing what Gateway Camera Club is all about? You are welcome to join as a Guest Member for 30 days.  Just send us an Email and you will be added to the attendee list for the next 30 days.



Upcoming Events



Program Night - February 27th - "Smart Phone Photography" presented by Jeffri Moore

Camera phones have been around for many years. Most people carry a mobile phone, some of which now have very high-tech camera sensors and lots of megapixels. If you want to create a memory, just whip out your phone and capture the moment! There are hundreds of apps available for taking, editing, and manipulating your camera phone photos. These photos can then be shared with others via text or on social media sites. There are apps for adding filter effects and frames to your images. Jeffri shares with us her passion and excitement about camera phone photography. Using examples of her work, Jeffri will show you some of her favorite apps and editing methods.

Bio:  All her life, Jeffri has been involved in creative endeavors, including dancing, playing musical instruments, writing, sketching, painting, singing, needlework, scrapbooking, and photography.  Even though she had been raised around photography, it wasn’t until late 2008, when she purchased her first digital single-lens reflex camera that she developed a strong interest and passion for photography.  She enjoys photographing a wide variety of subjects, from nature to old forgotten buildings or cars (subjects that have character.)  The artist in her finds great joy while processing her photos.  She loves creating art from her images.

Teaching has become an important part of her life.  She offers to her students the knowledge she has gained about getting to know one’s camera, basic photography skills, wildlife/nature photography, basic editing/post-processing, and creating art from the images they have in their portfolios.  In addition, she has provided presentations to multiple organizations including the Orlando Camera Club and St. Augustine Camera Club.

Her work has been exhibited in the Garden House Gallery at the Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando FL as part of the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive exhibit; University of Florida Research & Academic Center in Lake Nona; and at the 2017 CREATIVA: Woman Made Art Show at Osceola Arts in Kissimmee.  She has also had work exhibited and sold at the SOBO Art Gallery in Winter Garden FL.  She has been a member of the Orlando Camera Club since 2008; and was a member of the Oviedo Photo Club for several years, including being the President from June 2010 to January 2013.

Since 2011, she became fascinated with camera phone photography and mid-2016, was asked to write a guest blog post which can be found here http://ristainophotography.com/iphone-photography-tips/.   After reading the blog post, you will find out more about her history with the camera phone as well as discover many of her tips and resources for having fun with camera phone photography.  Jeffri has given presentations on tips and techniques for camera phone photography to several groups.



March Competition Deadline - Sunday March  3rd at 11:59 PM Sharp - Theme is Black & White


Education Night - March 5th -  "Natural Light Portraiture" presented by Jeremy Woodhouse


March Competition - March  12th - Theme is Black & White -  Judge Todd Nettelhorst


Program Night - March 19th -  "In Depth on Depth" presented by Colleen Miniuk

Are your landscape photographs falling flat? While humans see the world in three dimensions, a photographer renders an image of a scene through our camera in only two. Not only do our cameras "see" differently than our eyes and brains do, but also our own eyes can deceive us: what we see and what we think we see doesn't always line up. If we understand how humans see depth, we can consciously create a sense of shape and dimension in our compositions. Join outdoor photographer/writer Colleen Miniuk for this insightful 90-minute webinar to learn how to mindfully incorporate the three L’s (lines, layers, and light)—and even optical illusions!—that can help transform uninspiring arrangements into engaging expressive photographs

Bio:  Colleen Miniuk is a corporate-America-escapee turned full-time outdoor photographer, writer, publisher, instructor, and speaker from Chandler, Arizona. Her credits include National Geographic calendars, Arizona Highways, AAA Via, National Parks Traveler, On Landscape, and a variety of other publications. After serving three times as an Artist-in-Residence with Acadia National Park, she authored the award-winning guidebook, Photographing Acadia National Park: The Essential Guide to When, Where, and How. She is also the author of Wild in Arizona: Photographing Arizona’s Wildflowers, Seeing the Light in Outdoor Photography, and The Current Flows: Water in the Arid West. Her first adventure travel memoir, So Said the River: Life, Loss, and Pie on the Colorado will be published in summer 2024. She writes an online photography advice column called “Dear Bubbles” and leads photography workshops, women’s photography retreats (called “Sheography™”), and online sessions for camera clubs, outdoor organizations, and private clients. Learn more at http://www.colleenminiuk.com





Announcements, Groups, SIG Meetings and Field Trips


Lighting SIG Meeting - Saturday March 2nd

Date:   Saturday, Mar. 02, 2024
Time:  11:30 AM
Place: Community Room of the McAuliffe branch of the Framingham Public Library, 746 Water Street, Framingham, MA 01701        
Fee:   $15.00 for model(s)


 1. Must have attended one or more previous Lighting SIG meetings

Registration closes at 11:59 PM February 29
 3. Members will be required to know how to change their camera's settings like ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. If you are not sure how to do that, you can e-mail Terry(tla_photo@yahoo.com)  before the meeting with the brand of  our camera and he will send you links so they can learn how to. 


   Terry Anderson will lead us in continuing our photographic lighting journey.
   We will have from one to three young adult models. This is not a model shoot. Having a live person to photograph helps us learn how changes in a lighting set up affects the shape, brightness and shadows on the human face. Each shot will be evaluated and discussed. 
   This will be only for Gateway Camera Club members who have participated in a Lighting SIG meeting. There is a small fee of $15.00 each member to pay for the kids' time. Pay Terry in cash at the meeting. 
   We will also be covering an introduction to continuous Lighting. Terry will also talk about using projectors with Gobos for the next meeting. 

Terry will be supplying all equipment except cameras.

What we will cover:
1) How to set up a 3 light shoot
2) Posing of subjects
3) Basic functions of a light meter
4) Introduction of continuous lighting 
5) Introduction to Projectors and Gobos

For questions about the meeting contact:  Buz Bragdon, administrative assistant to Terry Anderson


Hands-on Shoot Date - Saturday March 30th


The date for our hands-on shoot has changed to March 30th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We’re still looking for set ups so if you have a favorite or would like to bring interesting items to shoot, please let me know as soon as you can.

As a reminder, we will be ordering pizza around noon for $2 a slice and water will be provided. If you would like to bring a snack to share, that would be appreciated. 

There is a $10 fee for non-members unless they bring a set up? The fee will be collected at the door.

Registration on our website is open and will close on March 28th.  Link to registration: /club/Event_Registration.aspx?EventId=210f368e-b888-455e-b4aa-3cfddf7a6af6


Sudbury's Goodnow Library Show - February 1st to February 29th


We will be hanging the exhibit on Thursday, February 1st and remove the exhibit on Thursday, February 29th (Yep, it's a leap year).

The Goodnow Library exhibit space has room for approximately 40 images. Make yours among those on display. This is a high visibility gallery on the main floor and in the highly utilized community room of the library. (Multiple images by the same artist will be accepted on a space available basis, first registered first in, second image by artist accepted after all first images, etc.)  

We will be displaying a binder with Artist's Statements in the library. Artist statements are typically one page, 8 1/2 x 11, but any length is permissible. Basically, an artist statement is a short autobiography of your artistic journey leading up to where you are now. You might include such items as how you got interested in photography, your influences, what kinds of subjects move you, what kinds of messages or stories you want to convey to viewers. An optional, but common, section of your artist statement discusses the image(s) you have currently in the Goodnow Library show. There may be a backstory of how this image came to be, or maybe you want to suggest it's meaning, or simply say how it affects you. It is recommended that you include a small copy of the photo along with the text. Artist Statements are due on the day of the show installation. If you would like to see previous sample artist statements, please email me and I will be happy to send you some samples. 

Join us on Sunday Feb 18th from 2 - 4 PM for our artists' reception a the library.

Frank Schimmoller




Multi-Club Competition - April 30, 2024

All members of the Boston, Gateway, Newton and Stony Brook Camera Clubs are invited to participate in the friendly 5th Annual Multi-Club Competition to be hosted online on April 30, 2024, 7:00-9:30 PM. All images must be created within a one-year period beginning April 1, 2023 and ending March 31, 2024.

The categories for next year's Multi-Club Competition have been agreed to by the four clubs as follows:

1. Abstract Expressionism
2. Complementary Colors
3. Curves
4. High Key/Low Key
5. Music
6. Seasons
7. Street Photography
8. Tender Moment

More information and complete definitions may be found on this page>>  /d/7103295a-c97b-4721-9c14-2beedb8baf0a


Photographer's Event List

Buz is creating an events of interest to photographers list.  This is intended to be an interactive list with any member sending Buz an event that they've learned about.  The event can be anything that you think would be of interest to photographers.  These could be larger regional events or small home town celebrations of some kind.   Any theme might be a good event:  specialty sports (nat'l leagues, we already know about), state and local fairs and festivals, flowers and gardens, historic, special visiting exhibits at museums, and events that defy categorization.  As you send Buz events,  he will add to the list and send out periodic updated e-mails. 

All Season  Car Shows  Many, many local and regional motor vehicle related events, weekdays and weekends.  Contact Buz for info.

American Heritage Museumhttps://www.americanheritagemuseum.org/event/living-history-presentation-life-as-a-roman-soldier/

February 5, 12, 19, 26 and Mar 4 - Adobe Lightroom Classic on Zoom by Bob Singer - https://ci.ovationtix.com/31005/production/1183795





GCC has established two Instagram hashtags to promote our club member's pictures.  These are as follows:



We are looking forward to seeing your pictures under our hashtags on Instagram. Please contact anyone on the Social Media Committee (Fred Floru, Beth DeBor, Susan McIntyre or Terry Anderson) if you have any questions.

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