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Our goals are to share ideas, knowledge, and insight; to help improve the skills and abilities of our members; and to have some fun while enjoying photography. We recognize photography is changing, growing and with ever-emerging technologies, more exciting than ever!  Gateway was one of the first local camera clubs to embrace digital photography and, as a result, we have some very knowledgeable digital photographers. Many award-winning members of Gateway Camera Club honed their talents and abilities through the mentoring they found at Gateway.

Our club is very active and we meet on most Tuesdays from September to June 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Want to compete, learn and share? Check out our exciting schedule. Visitors and new members are always welcome. Just stop in and introduce yourself. We hope you'll soon find an aspect of Gateway that fits your interests. Please browse our website, learn more about what we do, and enjoy. And remember, enthusiasm is catchy. Come and catch some!  

The slideshow to the right are images from our   March 2023 Competition

Interested in seeing what Gateway Camera Club is all about? You are welcome to join as a Guest Member for 30 days. Just send us an Email and you will be added to the attendee list for the next 30 days.



Upcoming Events


Competition Deadline - Sunday April 2nd at 11:59 PM - Theme is Texture


Education Night - April 4th - Zoom Only - "What's Enough? Finding Fulfillment in Photography and Life" presented by Colleen Miniuk

For the first 40 years of her life, Colleen Miniuk thought playing by society’s rules, excelling, and impressing others with her achievements would lead to happiness. It didn’t. After two back-to-back “failures” in eight months in 2015, she asked herself, “When would it all be enough?” If her first 40 years of extraordinary achievement did not fulfill her, then more of it never would. But what’s enough when you’ve had enough? During this motivational presentation, Colleen will share life lessons about releasing personal and societal expectations, embracing an autotelic personality, connecting your own meaning with the landscape, and finding the courage to share your unique personal expressions. Hear ways to ditch the hedonic treadmill and a scarcity mindset to find joy in your individual photographic journey.

Bio: After a 10-year stint as a software engineer, Colleen Miniuk fled the grey cubicle walls to pursue a more colorful, meaningful life as a full-time photographer, author, publisher, instructor, speaker, stand-up paddleboarder, river rafter, and wanderer. She’s served three terms as an Artist-in-Residence in Acadia National Park, Maine, after which, she redirected her photography and writings on water in the West. In 2015, she fell off her SUP in a rapid on the Colorado River and fell in love with rivers despite a lifelong fear of water. When she’s not paddling, writing books, or chasing bubbles, she writes the “Dear Bubbles” online advice column and teaches photography workshops, women’s photography retreats (called Sheography™), and online presentations for camera clubs, outdoor organizations, and private clients across the U.S.





Competition Night - April 11th - Hybrid - Theme is Texture - Judge Rick Cloran


Program Night - April 18th - "An Introduction to Street Photography: From Beginner to Advanced Topics" presented by James Maher

This session will cover a wide range of street photography topics, beginning with an introduction to the genre and progressing through intermediate and advanced topics. We will cover everything from how to setup and use your camera, to tips and tricks to make street photography easier and more comfortable, to street photography in quiet and suburban areas, and to overall conceptual issues in street photography, such as telling a story and creating a portfolio or project.

Bio: James has lived in New York for his entire life. Like many Manhattanites, he is a terrible driver and cook, but he’s an excellent navigator. He has been practicing the art of street photography since he first picked up a camera, has worked as a portrait, studio, and documentary photographer in New York since 2005, is a certified New York photography tour and workshop guide, and is the author of The New York Photographer’s Travel Guide and The Essentials of Street Photography.





Announcements, Groups, SIG Meetings and Field Trips


Field Trip - Friday April 28th - Medfield State Hospital


Medfield State Hospital is a closed historic former psychiatric hospital.  Opened in 1896, this was the first facility designed on the “cottage” plan with abundant green space in a campus-like arrangement of buildings for specific uses, providing more light and a more home-like routine for patients than a single “mill building” style institution.

Purposely situated on hundreds of acres on a shaded hill for “better air”, MSH was self-sustaining, growing its own food, producing its own power and water.  The patients didn’t sit in their rooms, but worked the various jobs as they might in the outside world.

For many, the mind is an endlessly mysterious and, to some, a fascinating place.  How we, as fellow human beings, have dealt with and learned about mental illness over the decades is even more fascinating. 

Our visit to Medfield State Hospital will transition from daylight to the dark of night. Although the buildings are closed for health and safety reasons, come join us to see what we can discover on the grounds of one of the last remaining “insane asylums.” 

Sign up here>>> /club/Event_Registration.aspx?EventId=7a372078-24af-4822-a92d-7096e320fd72

    Offered by Buz Bragdon  



Photographer's Event List

Buzz is creating an events of interest to photographers list.  This is intended to be an interactive list with any member sending Buz an event that they've learned about.  The event can be anything that you think would be of interest to photographers.  These could be larger regional events or small home town celebrations of some kind.   Any theme might be a good event:  specialty sports (nat'l leagues, we already know about), state and local fairs and festivals, flowers and gardens, historic, special visiting exhibits at museums, and events that defy categorization.  As you send Buz events,  he will add to the list and send out periodic updated e-mails. 

Apr. 01-19 Patriot's Day-Lexington, Lincoln & Concord, MA,  https://visitconcord.org/event/patriots-day-events-2023/https://www.lexingtonma.gov/1558/2023-Schedule-of-Events

Apr. 17 Boston Marathon

May 13 Watch City Steampunk Festivalhttps://www.watchcityfestival.com/

May 14  Lilac festival at Arnold Arboretumhttps://arboretum.harvard.edu/events/lilacs-at-the-arnold-arboretum/

May 6-14 Tulip Fest at Cider Hill Farmhttps://www.ciderhill.com/tulipfest

May 21, 9:30 - 2:00,  Car show, Central St., Wellesley.   Central St. is closed to vehicular traffic to stroll the "pageant of vehicles"

May 28 Sunday, 10:00 AM Start,  Benefit Cowboy Mounted Shooting Event, Run 'N Gun Ranch, 123 Sekonk Street, Norfolk, MA

Jun. 16-18 Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festivalhttps://www.quecheeballoonfestival.com/

Jun. 17-18 American Heritage Museum  https://www.americanheritagemuseum.org/event/tanks-wings-wheels-fathers-day-june-2023/

Aug 5-6 Redcoats and Rebels, https://www.osv.org/event/redcoats-rebels/

Aug 11-13 The Bolton Fairhttps://www.boltonfair.org/

Aug. 12 American Heritage Museum,  https://www.americanheritagemuseum.org/event/centuries-of-the-soldier-2023/

Aug 12 - 20  International Balloon Festival in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, https://www.mtl.org/en/what-to-do/festivals-and-events/international-balloon-festival-saint-jean-sur-richelieu

Aug. 19-20 42nd Annual Gloucester Waterfront Festivalhttps://castleberryfairs.com/42nd-annual-gloucester-waterfront-arts-and-craft-festival-2023/

Sept. 16-17 American Heritage Museumhttps://www.americanheritagemuseum.org/event/world-war-i-aviation-weekend-september-2023/



New Lightroom Classic SIG Starting January 9th

Beginning January 9, 2023 on Monday nights from 7-9 PM via Zoom, Joni Rich will be holding a LightRoom Classic (LrC) Special Interest Group (SIG). Meetings will be recorded and notes will be sent out after to follow along.

There are 15 topics planned so far and range from using the interface, exploring each module, learning details of the import process, organizing folders, creating collections, setting up your preferences to make LrC work best for you and more.

This SIG will mostly be a demonstration but members are encouraged to ask questions along the way.  Please email Joni Rich (jonsi41@gmail.com) if you are interested in joining the SIG and she will send you the Zoom links.




GCC has established two Instagram hashtags to promote our club member's pictures.  These are as follows:



We are looking forward to seeing your pictures under our hashtags on Instagram. Please contact anyone on the Social Media Committee (Fred Floru, Beth DeBor, Susan McIntyre or Terry Anderson) if you have any questions.

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