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Our goals are to share ideas, knowledge, and insight; to help improve the skills and abilities of our members; and to have some fun while enjoying photography. We recognize photography is changing, growing and with ever-emerging technologies, more exciting than ever!  Gateway was one of the first local camera clubs to embrace digital photography and, as a result, we have some very knowledgeable digital photographers. Many award-winning members of Gateway Camera Club honed their talents and abilities through the mentoring they found at Gateway.

Our club is very active and we meet on most Tuesdays from September to June 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Want to compete, learn and share? Check out our exciting schedule. Visitors and new members are always welcome. Just stop in and introduce yourself. We hope you'll soon find an aspect of Gateway that fits your interests. Please browse our website, learn more about what we do, and enjoy. And remember, enthusiasm is catchy. Come and catch some!  

The slideshow to the right are images from our  November Winning Images

Interested in seeing what Gateway Camera Club is all about? You are welcome to join as a Guest Member for 30 days. Just send us an Email and you will be added to the attendee list for the next 30 days.



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Education Night -  Dec 5th - "The Art and Beauty of Intentional Camera Movement" presented by Stephanie Johnson

In her presentation “The Art and Beauty of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) Photography” Stephanie shares her passion for ICM and talks about her journey from traditional landscape photographer to focusing primarily on ICM photography.  Stephanie has a deep love and joy for the individually expressive nature of ICM and encourages photographers to ‘see things differently’ through the lens of their cameras, as well as through the lens of their inner creative selves.   The art and beauty of ICM photography is that, by seeing things differently, we can connect with the ordinary, and even the mundane, to transform how we interact with our surroundings...to explore, experiment, and play with the camera in exciting new ways, resulting in images that are unique to each individual photographer.

In this talk, Stephanie covers some of the basic ICM principles and techniques, along with sample images to show the effects of various camera movements and the camera settings for each.  Additionally, several examples showing scenes before and after using ICM will be shared, as well as a short field work video to show some of the camera movements Stephanie uses in different location settings. Stephanie also touches on some more advanced ICM techniques in this presentation, such as multiple exposure ICMs, as well.  She also presents a section on mobile ICMs for the growing trend towards creating with mobile devices.   

Bio:  Stephanie is a self-taught creative photographer, who is primarily focused on ICM photography.  She has honed her techniques by getting out to do the work as often as possible. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree and graduate work in English Literature.  She has always had a very strong emotional connection to art, in all its various forms, as well as to the natural world.  Stephanie has a deep passion for creating uniquely artistic images by working with camera movement to paint how any given scene feels for her in the moment.   Stephanie is the Founder, Creator, and Publisher of ICM Photography Magazine (ICMPhotoMag), a first-of-its-kind e-magazine dedicated solely to featuring ICM images, articles, reviews, interviews, tips, and tutorials, by ICM photographers and artists around the world, in a quarterly feature packed digital format.

Stephanie leads on-location ICM retreats in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and the US in collaboration with various creative photographers through ICMPhotoMag Workshops and, as an instructor for Santa Fe Workshops, she leads ICM workshops for SFW both online and on-location in Santa Fe and in Mexico.  She is also an ICM/creative photography mentor and the founder of the ICMPhotoMag Network continuous learning online community.    Stephanie’s personal website can be found at www.stephjohnphoto.com.

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Holiday Party - December 12th


No Meeting - December 19th 


No Meeting - December 26th


January Competition Deadline - December 31st at 11:59 PM - Theme - Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) - Judge Cynthia Rand



Announcements, Groups, SIG Meetings and Field Trips


Multi-Club Competition - April 30, 2024

All members of the Boston, Gateway, Newton and Stony Brook Camera Clubs are invited to participate in the friendly 5th Annual Multi-Club Competition to be hosted online on April 30, 2024, 7:00-9:30 PM. All images must be created within a one-year period beginning April 1, 2023 and ending March 31, 2024.

The categories for next year's Multi-Club Competition have been agreed to by the four clubs as follows:

1. Abstract Expressionism
2. Complementary Colors
3. Curves
4. High Key/Low Key
5. Music
6. Seasons
7. Street Photography
8. Tender Moment

More information and complete definitions may be found on this page>>  /d/7103295a-c97b-4721-9c14-2beedb8baf0a


Photographer's Event List

Buzz is creating an events of interest to photographers list.  This is intended to be an interactive list with any member sending Buz an event that they've learned about.  The event can be anything that you think would be of interest to photographers.  These could be larger regional events or small home town celebrations of some kind.   Any theme might be a good event:  specialty sports (nat'l leagues, we already know about), state and local fairs and festivals, flowers and gardens, historic, special visiting exhibits at museums, and events that defy categorization.  As you send Buz events,  he will add to the list and send out periodic updated e-mails. 

All Season  Car Shows  Many, many local and regional motor vehicle related events, weekdays and weekends.  Contact Buz for info.




GCC has established two Instagram hashtags to promote our club member's pictures.  These are as follows:



We are looking forward to seeing your pictures under our hashtags on Instagram. Please contact anyone on the Social Media Committee (Fred Floru, Beth DeBor, Susan McIntyre or Terry Anderson) if you have any questions.

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