Photo Challenge


Challenge - Pet/Pets




Post the images on out website (see instructions below) This is not a competition it is a fun exercise in photography 

Naming Example Challenge-Maker.jpg     size 1400X1050 MAX - jpg    ex: Circle-alankidawski.jpg


C. Adding Images to This Gallery

1. Log in to the Website
2. Click on “My Account” on the main menu
3. Click on “My Galleries”
4. Look for the Challenge Gallery by clicking on the small arrow to the left of Gallery Categories (you might first have to click on “Show all organization Galleries”)
5. Click on “Edit Images in Gallery” over to the right
6. Select "Upload Images into this Gallery"
6. Then it's similar to uploading images for Competitions

Questions about adding images to Gallery - click > Charlene

All other Questions:  Alan Kidawski  508-877-0542









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