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June 2021
June 2021
June 2021
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Education Night - Forests by Mark Bowie (7:30 PM EDT)
Awards Banquet (7:30 PM EDT)
Southwick’s Zoo Field Trip (10:00 AM EDT)
We’re going to Southwick’s Zoo on Saturday, Jun. 12!   Who doesn’t love the zoo?  Gateway Camera Club folks sure do because it’s been a very popular and well attended trip over the years.  It’s easy to see why.   We can be “wildlife” photographers without  the time, stress and expense of exotic  trips to other continents.  We also love Southwick’s Zoo because of its “out in nature” feel.  It’s shaded and has a casual feel, unlike a city zoo.     Southwick’s Zoo has a vast collection of hundreds and hundreds of animals from all over the world in 200 acres of wooded habitat, with a park like feel.  The zoo, in fact, is out in the country, yet convenient.  Parking is easy, close and free.     We’ll spend the morning and into the early afternoon strolling the shaded paths in search of our “prey.” But also check the schedule for presentations, feedings, keeper talks, and animal interaction opportunities.  (You won’t be able to touch the animals, except in the petting zoo)    You’ll most assuredly get competition quality shots (if that’s your thing) in most cases, reachable with regular telephoto lenses.   Even more assuredly, we’ll have a lovely time out in the fresh air and learning something about nature and wildlife.     Purchasing your zoo tickets:   You may purchase tickets at the entrance as we have traditionally done in past visits, but you may also purchase tickets online.  There’s a savings with online purchases and we won’t have to wait for each other. Tickets:    In the afternoon, we all go to Sharon’s house, less than two miles away, for a picnic in her yard.  Offered by Buz Bragdon and Sharon Colacino

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