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December 2022
December 2022
December 2022
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Holiday Lights Boston
We are going to get right into the spirit of the season by heading into Boston to photograph all the colorful lights! From the Seaport up through the Rose Kennedy Greenway to Christopher Columbus Park, we will not only see all the lights of the season, but we’ll combine them with Boston’s changing city skyline.  Along the way, we will feel the energy of the city with all the people out and about…maybe even photograph some of them.  This visit to Boston is exciting enough already but I have a special treat for us.  Raj Das, a longtime friend of Gateway CC, will be with us to offer assistance with such things as composition and camera settings for low light photography.  With his guidance, we’ll experiment with long exposures, HDR, and ICM (intentional camera movement). Oh, you want to do light trails?  This is your chance.  We’ll meet in the mid-afternoon to wander and explore to prepare for blue hour.  We’ll continue into the early evening seeking colorful and energetic scenes.  Details of our afternoon/evening together will be sent to the signed up group. Offered by Buz Bragdon
Holiday Party (7:30 PM EST)
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