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Education - LANDSCAPES: Moments of Inspiration & Revelation by Mark Bowie (7:30 PM EDT)
Featuring the best of my latest still images, time-lapse sequences and video, I’ll share insights and techniques gleaned during moments of inspiration and revelation that viewers can use to dramatically improve their own imagery. Inspiration — when events coalesced to create heartfelt imagery, and revelation — when, in the light of personal discovery, I came across a specific strategy or technique of remarkable artistic effect. I’ll share the thought processes and field craft that took my imagery to another level: Lessons in the Art of Seeing Possibilities presented under specific weather & lighting Using light and shadow to add depth and drama Compositional choices – visual flow, image design, compelling vantage points Exploring with telephoto lenses White balance selection Color and textural contrasts Creating "images" of mood & feeling What video and time-lapse can teach us about shooting stills Painterly landscapes using impressionistic techniques, in-camera and beyond I’ll also share processing lessons on creating a light path to guide viewers’ eyes, artistic dodging and burning, selective color and contrast control, and more. It's an ambitious project. A monumental presentation. Fresh. Creative. Informative.
Awards Banquet - Speaker Ed Jameson (7:30 PM EDT)
Using the magic of 3D underwater close up and macro photography viewers will experience a guided tour of life on the lush coral reefs of Bonaire and Curacao. Day and night, for many months, Samson, a very personable frog fish, entertained hundreds of divers on Curacao’s Nos Kas reef. Samson is certain to enlighten viewers as they wear 3D glasses to see the coral reef through his eyes. This program is a 3-Dimensional look at the tiny creatures, which make up the bulk of the life on the coral reefs of Bonaire and Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. Using his own unique underwater 3D close up and macro camera systems, Ed Jameson has spent hundreds of hours underwater, mainly at night, capturing his unique images. While viewing the 3D underwater images, Ed will describe his 3D camera systems and relate stories and anecdotal information regarding the trials and tribulations of photographing the underwater world.

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