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Education -Photographing Glassware with Refractions and Reflections Presented by Gerri Jones (7:30 PM EST)
Photographing glassware can be challenging.  Finding new ways to get creative with it even more so.  Join Gerri Jones as she demonstrates her approach to photographing glassware using colorful backgrounds and reflections on a surface.  This program will feature: What types of backgrounds to use and how to display them.  She will share some technical points of shooting in the dark on a tripod, lens choices, f/stops and angles for successful photographs with this technique.
Holiday Party Presentation - Finding Zen and Delight with Food Photography by Alan Shapiro (6:00 PM EST)
Playing with my food has been a lifelong passion for me. What started with me as an infant (I wish my parents had thought to give their 7 month old a camera) has ultimately turned into a lucrative all-consuming passion. Join us as Alan shares his tabletop food photography work and workflow along with lots of stories and some creative exercises that will have you looking forward to trips to your local farmer’s market, grocery store, or even your own refrigerator to create some tabletop magic in your home studio.

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